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Alivia Dorey

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Ariana Ruof, B.S.

​Guilt & Shame Project

Research Expertise   

Parental influences on alcohol use disorders in emerging adulthood; Impaired control over drinking: Impulsivity; Self-regulation; Self-concealment; Resiliency

PSY230 Introduction to Statistics
PSY330 Statistical Methods with Lab
PSY430 Industrial Psychology
PSY462 Health Psychology
PSY350 Social Psychology

Awhona "Nina" Sanyal

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Dr. William r. corbin, ph.d.

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Social Addictions Impulse Lab

BS, Psychology, Arizona State University, 1992

MA, Learning & Instructional Technology, Arizona State University, 1995

Ph.D., Psychology (Social), Arizona State University, 2005

Jordan Hicks

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Julia Weiss

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about sail


Dr. Julie A. Patock-Peckham is a Barrett Honors Faculty for the Department of Psychology.  She has over 40 publications in the addictions and is the director of SAIL (Social Addictions Impulse Lab; formerly the Social Health Research Group).  Dr. Patock sits on the editorial board of Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs and reviews for eleven other peer reviewed journals in the areas of personality, addictions, and adolescent health.  She received the Most Inspirational Faculty Award in 2014 through the Office of Student Athlete Development.  She is a long standing member of Research Society on Alcoholism and was a National Research Service Award recipient in 1999-2001 NIH/NIAAA.  Dr. Patock was also a graduate fellow for the National Institute of Mental Health in 2002.

Daniel "Danny" Belton, B.S.

​Childhood Trauma & Impulsivity Project

SAIL Faculty: Dr. Julie A. Patock-Peckham, Ph.D. Principal Investigator - Dr. William R. Corbin, Ph.D. Associated Faculty

SAIL Managers: Kathryn Drzewiecki / Katie Drzewiecki / Kathryn "Katie" Drzewiecki, B.S., Behavioral Programmer - Daniel Belton, B.S., Childhood Trauma & Impulsivity Project - Felix Muniz, B.S., Stress & Impaired Control Project - Ashley Ebbert, M.A., Anxiety Sensitivity & Impaired Control Project - Ariana Ruof, B.S., Guilt & Shame Project - Dylan Bauman, Lab Manager - Gabriel Madrid, Supervisor - Matthew Broussard, Supervisor Assistant - John Curtis, X-BART Project

SAIL Team Members: Ryan Avelar - Celia Evans - Krystina Boyd-Frenkel - Makita White - Lyndsay Campbel - Julia Weiss - Brooke Baldwin - Thomas Poniatowski - Max Marshal - Jordan Hicks - Stephanie Miller - Gabriela Goldentyer - Nicholas Aviles - Alondra Cruz - Alexis Arriaga - Brittney Fulop - Hailey Araza - Emily Bobel - Alivia Dorey - Jenna Stadheim - Alexander Nguyen - Deanna Strayer - Allison Coulson - Sean Noudali - Danielle Borie - Hannah Finch - Awhona Sanyal / Nina Sanyal / Awhona "Nina" Sanyal - Georgia Avaritt - Samantha Runnels - Anthony Tucker - Lauryn Winant - Kathleen Cram - Beth Stringer

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Gabriel Madrid

K01 Project, ​Literature Review Team

Alondra Cruz

K01 Project, Data & Coding​ Team

Emma Chaney

Research Assistant

Ray Sanchez

Research Assistant

The mission of SAIL (Social Addictions Impulse Lab) is to understand the etiology (root causes) of alcohol use disorders in emerging adulthood.  We have three basic themes to our research.  The first is understanding the indirect influences of parenting on alcohol related outcomes through both internalizing (anxiety, stress, neuroticism, depression, self-concealment) and externalizing disorders (impulsivity, sensation seeking, antisocial personality disorder).  We are also interested in self-regulation specific to the drinking context or impaired control over drinking.  We are interested in both trait and state constructs of self-control.  Lastly, we are interested in developing new measures of resiliency to life stressors in order to better understand the use of alcohol to cope with unpleasant affect.

Kathryn "Katie" Drzewiecki, B.S.

​Behavioral Task Programmer & X-BART Project

Brandon Vaca

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Lauren Baldwin

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Harley Rodriguez

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Brittney Fulop

iMotions Project

Anthony Tucker

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Stephanie Miller

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Celia Evans

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Brooke Baldwin


Emily Bobel​

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Hailey Araza

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Thomas Poniatowski

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Lauren Schneidewent

iMotions Project

Ashley Ebbert, M.A.

​AnxietySensitivity & ImpairedControlProject

John Curtis

X-BART Project, S1 & S2 & Netflix RA

Max Mashal

Transcription Project, Trauma & Coping Project

Hannah Finch

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sophia berberian

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Kathleen Cram


Deanna Strayer

K01 Project, Data & Coding Team

Georgia Avaritt

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Samantha "Sam" Runnels

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Annie Ong

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Allison Coulson

S2 Supervisor & Screening Participants

Sean Noudali, B.S.

S1 RA, S2 Supervisor, & Coding

Dylan Bauman 

Lab Manager, K01 Project, Data & Coding Team

Lyndsay Campbell

Trauma and Impaired Control Project

dr. julie a. patock-peckham ph.d.

Danielle Borie

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Raheel Ramzan

Transcriptions Project, Literature Review Team

Matthew Broussard, B.S.

Trauma and Emotional Regulation Project

Andrei Lyscas

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Beth Stringer


Felix Muniz, B.S.

​Stress & Impaired Control Project

Tianhang Liu

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Ryan Avelar

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Jenna Stadheim

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